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An educational domain  - www.moderni-dejiny.cz. It was set up in reaction to frequent complaints by history teachers who lacked quality teaching materials and needed organized, annotated sources of information for teaching 20th century history. 

Our Projects
The intention was to provide teachers with an online environment where they could easily and clearly acquire methodology and materials for individual historical topics, phenomenon or periods. Teachers can also have discussions respond to published methodological ideas as well as evaluate them, and help to create new ones. Teachers and students can quickly and easily get access to everything they need. Examples which include: Methodological sheets, educational presentations in Powerpoint, high-quality copies of period photography as well as, samples of press, caricatures or reproductions of art work in the photo gallery, primary sources and historical micro studies, all of which is ideal for studying and preparation. Therefore within a few minutes they can check and download all of this for free. The webpage is also a well arranged “signpost” for other institutions, which deal with modern history studies as well as those which systematically document historical processes for: institutions, archives, citizen‘s associations, initiatives and history-witness organization. 
Primary school teachers 16%
Secondary school teachers 25%
University teachers 7%
Primary school students 1%
Secondary school students 14%
University students 18%
People interested in history 19%
(research covering 1,355 respondents)
The ABC of Communistic Crimes Multimedia Project 
It is a shared project of PANT and MAFRA media group, in cooperation with Studies of Totalitarian Regimes Institute. The stories of ABC were published on a weekly basis in MF DNES newspapers and on iDNES website. Individual alphabetical headwords, each related to a crime (e.g. C for censorship or D for dissident) were presented by the author, Ludek Navara, and script editor, Josef Albrecht. They interviewed people whose lives were dramatically changed by communists. Film documentaries (26 in total) were made by the Past Production Company and www.moderni-dejiny.cz editors prepared working sheets for teachers and their students for each documentary.
Even Silence is a Lie Conferences
The first year of the conference for methodologists, teachers and historians was organised in 2008. We assigned to it an essential question: In education, is it necessary to pay attention to crimes within totalitarian era? How can we teach this topic? The second conference was an international conference hosting presenters and guests from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The conference dealt with the conditions of teaching about totalitarianism in Czech, Slovak and Polish schools. In addition, specific models of education were introduced there. 
The third year of the conference was designed to display various educational projects from important educational institutions and non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Representatives introduced their educational programmes and activities to teachers of primary and secondary schools. During the second day, analysis of the current teaching of modern history in the Czech schools served as a basis for discussion. Inspirational were the models of history teaching in Slovakia and Poland presented by foreign guests who also clarified the pros and cons of some nationality differencies in the ongoing discussions.
The fourth year consisted of two separate parts. The first conference day was dedicated to a work meeting of teachers from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. Annual results of PANT international projects were presented and the condition of history teaching in the individual neighbouring countries was discussed. The second day took the form of a moderated discussion, which focused on: opportunities and threats of oral history and its usage in teaching, the potential role of museums and archives in modern history teaching, the potential cooperation of historical institutes , schools and teachers and on the form of history textbooks and modern educational materials in the Czech Republic and abroad.
The fifth year, organised in cooperation with the Faculty of Philosophy of Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem, was named: “Even Silence is a Lie – Memory and Memories.” Forgetfulness and Remembrance in School History Lessons. Contents of individual lectures and panels consisted of professional contributions in the fields of History, Social Science, history didactics and school practices. 
Project of educative seminars Even Silence is a Lie
Series of PANT seminars for primary and secondary school teachers focused on individual time periods or specific historical phenomena, personalities and events of the 20th century. These are all interpreted in the workshops by historians, witnesses and teachers themselves, who exchange their experiences and discuss the approach to our recent history in the context of the world history. The structure of the seminars is always the same - historian‘s presentation, presentation of methodological materials  based on up-to-date historical findings, a debate with a witness follows, then a film screening, followed by a workshop and an open discussion. Teachers receive an educational DVD with all the materials concerning the topic- micro-study of a historian, educational presentations, methodical worksheets, documentaries and a choice of text and visual sources at each seminar. 
Modern history DVD - methodological sets for teaching about the 50’s period in Czechoslovakia
We created an educational DVD for teachers, collecting educational materials for teaching about the period of 50’s in Czechoslovakia. On two discs, there are educational presentations, worksheets, historical studies, sources and documentaries. This unique methodological tool covers more than a hundred modern and teacher’s practice tested materials for specific periods of Czechoslovakian history, which is captured from different angles with respect to the basic phenomena of time. It includes methodological sets published on the website www.moderni-dejiny.cz as well as various materials prepared by teachers and historians especially for this DVD. The format of each educational material also enables teachers to adjust and supplement the materials freely, depending on their intentions and imagination.
Documentaries for schools
In the year of 2012, we co-operated with the students of audiovisual production at the Silesian University of Opava to create two multimedia DVDs. “Alone against Evil” and “History Firsthand”. These DVDs include 12 documentaries presenting the testimony of distinctive personalities whose lives were severely touched by the events of the 20th century. Students can experience their fates and essential historical moments firsthand through documentary portraits. All the films meet the lesson requirements and do not exceed the length of 15 minutes. Thus they can become a tool to be used in the remaining part of the lesson. Furthermore the DVD includes methodological materials for work with films, historians’ studies , educational presentations and period sources.

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