Jaromir Savrda award

Published: 20.08.2013, 18:36
Category: PANT

PANT awards Jaromir Savrda prize for totalitarianism related testimony annually on Human Rights Day. The award commemorates Jaromir Savrda, author, and dissident tortured by the communist regime, and is intended for those who actively try to spread the truth about the times of freedom-less Czechoslovakia.

Jaromir Savrda award
2008 priest Antonin Huvar 
2009 Eva Vlahova, Daughters of the 50‘s
2010 Vaclav Havel
2011 Frantisek Zahradka
2012 Ludek Elias
Award committee
Dana Nemcova, Tomas Hradilek, Vaclav Maly, Jiri Gruntorad, and Petr Panek, the chairman of PANT Civic Initiative

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